Shaykh Trenton Carl

Shaykh Trenton Carl is a graduate of the Ahl al-Bayt Islamic Seminary, where he studied the core traditional Islamic curriculum and is currently continuing his studies. He works with several Muslim educational initiatives, is an editor of the Seminary’s publication, al-Sidrah, and is a director of the Seminary's summer education program, L.I.F.E. (Living Islam Faithfully and Ethically).

He received a B.A. in Islamic World Studies from DePaul University. While at DePaul, he was active in several student organizations and served on the board of UMMA, DePaul’s Muslim student organization. After graduating, he worked as a research and teaching assistant in the Islamic World Studies Program at DePaul University under Dr. Aminah McCloud. Trenton, originally from Houston, now resides in Chicago with his wife and daughter.