Ma’rifa 2024 is a three day conference featuring panels, workshops, and interactive elements. Please see a detailed overview of the schedule below.

“So endure what they say, and celebrate by praising your Lord before the rising of the sun and its setting.” [50:39]

Friday, February 16th, 2024

  • Registration + Dinner

    Location: Creese Student Center Lobby

  • Friday Night Opening

    Location: Behrakis Hall

    Qur’an recitation & Icebreakers.

  • Land of the Rising Sun

    “Until when he reached the land of the rising sun.” Qur’an 18:90

    Location: Behrakis Hall

    An attendee centered lively night of performances, food, and community.

  • To the Stars

    "Let there be among you trade by mutual good-will." Qur’an 4:29

    Location: Creese Student Lounge

    Explore our community marketplace of student businesses and organizations.