Chicago • March 3rd to 5th 2023

Seeking Sanctuary: Ma’rifa 2023

Ma’rifa is a national organization committed to reimagining the Shi’a student paradigm through

We are excited to announce Ma’rifa 2023: Seeking Sanctuary. Join us on March 3-5 in Chicago to pause and reflect on resilience and authenticity within an ever-moving, ever-producing world. How can seeking—and creating—moments and spaces of sanctuary for ourselves and our communities make us more intentional in our journey towards God and fulfillment?

The theme is inspired by the following Quran verse:

“Say: I seek sanctuary in the Lord of the Dawn.” [113:1]

We pray that Ma’rifa 2023 will lead us all to cultivate our hearts, homes, and community spaces to be Divine Sanctuaries.

Who? Shi'a individuals between 18 - 25 years old

When? March 3rd - 5th 2023

Where? Ida Noyes Hall at the University of Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about attending Ma’rifa 2023? We encourage all those interested in attending the conference to take a look at some helpful FAQs! Please feel free to reach out by DM on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @marifaprograms or by email at with any additional questions.

Ma'rifa Testimonials

My #Ma'rifa Story

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Imran Dharamsi

As an advisor in the Seekers & Scholars program, I had the pleasure of virtually meeting many fellow students in the Ma’rifa community throughout 2020 and 2021. Attending the 2022 conference provided me the incredible opportunity to make new Shi’a friends! Overall, due to the inspiring scholars and peers in attendance, Ma’rifa 2022: Heart & Revival was the perfect way to spiritually recharge before the month of Ramadan.

Attendee, Seekers and Scholars Advisor ~ Ma'rifa 2020 - Present


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