Celebrate 5 years of Ma’rifa with us at our annual conference in Philadelphia from February 16-18! Join us for Ma’rifa 2024: Under One Sun to connect our understandings and experiences of community. In the midst of collective grief and struggle, what shared purpose and values link us to each other? Drawing across diverse traditions of mercy and justice, how should we cultivate care and accountability towards one another, our communities, and all others under the sun?

The theme is inspired by the following Quran verse:

“So endure what they say, and celebrate by praising your Lord before the rising of the sun and its setting.” [50:39]

We pray that Ma’rifa 2024 will illuminate our hearts and inspire us to pave the way for Prophetic community.

Who? Shi'a individuals between 18 - 25 years old

When? 5pm EST February 16th - 1pm EST February 18th

Where? Drexel University & Billy Penn Studios (Philadelphia, PA)

Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about attending Ma’rifa 2024? We encourage all those interested in attending the conference to take a look at some helpful FAQs! Please feel free to reach out by DM on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @marifaprograms or by email at conference@marifaprograms.com with any additional questions.

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Ma’rifa Memories

We’re celebrating our 5th year anniversary! Take a look at some of the highlights from our previous conferences.


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Ma'rifa Stories

Ma’rifa Turns Five!

Since 2020, Ma’rifa has cultivated an intellectual spirit in Shi’i students through our annual conference, where we explore, reflect, and teach the intersections of Shi’i tradition and student experience.

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Syed Haider Rizvi

The annual Ma'rifa conference holds great value in my life. From the very first one in 2020, a platform was created to gather young, Shia students to get together and speak on their journey of faith and life and how the two intersect. With knowledgable scholars and professional workshops that combined faith and life, Ma'rifa provides an opportunity for Shia students like no other. It has been four years of spiritual connections, networking, and building life long relationships with fellow Shia peers from around the world and I am looking forward to the next!

Attendee ~ Ma'rifa 2020 - Present