Ma’rifa 2023 is a two day conference featuring panels, workshops, and interactive elements. Please see a detailed overview of the schedule below.

“I seek sanctuary in the Lord of the Dawn.” (Quran 113:1)

Friday, March 3, 2023

  • Check-in + Dinner

    Location: Foyer

  • Through the Seven Valleys

    “Do you not see that all those in the heavens and the earth, and the birds on their wings, sing the praises of God?” (Quran 24:41)

    Location: Cloister Club

    We aim to host a space that takes us through our own journeys to the Beloved and echoes the praises of God from all of His creation.

    Speakers: Attendee Poets

  • Sanctuary Building: A History of Black Muslim Communities in America

    "We have made you a just community so that you may bear witness to all of humanity." (Quran 2:143)

    Location: Cloister Club

    Explore the creation of sanctuaries of care through the history and stories of Black Muslim communities in America.

    Speaker: Dr. Rasul Miller

  • Dear Hoopoe

    Location: Library

    Interact with an array of student businesses and organizations.

    Booths: Student businesses & organizations