Sayyid Mohammad Baqir Kashmiri

Religious scholar, researcher, author, public speaker, and community leader. Sayyid Kashmiri completed most of his religious studies in Shia traditional Seminary. As a writer, author, and lecturer, Sayyid Kashmiri has supervised and published various Islamic books, booklets, articles, and research papers on various subjects including history, Quran interpretation, Islamic principles, religion, and secularism in Arabic, Persian, and English. He is the founder and the head of I.M.A.M. (Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya), the office of the religious authority in North America. Sayyid Kashmiri represents ten late and living jurists (marja’) in Qom and Najaf seminaries including His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani. Sayyid Kashmiri has been serving the Shia Muslim community at large since 2000 when he migrated to the United States. He is currently serving from the Washington DC area where he, his spouse, and children live.