Dawood Naqvi

Dawood is a cybersecurity major, a full-time professional in I.T., and a reciter of the Ahlul Bayt (AS). He is from the DMV area and has grown up reciting at Idara-e-Jaferia MD. He has been blessed with the honor to begin reciting Urdu poetry from the age of 5, at the shrine of Bibi Zainab (SA) in Shaam (Damascus, Syria). Within the past year, he was invited to recite at multiple different holy places, such as on top of the shrine, next to the dome of Maula Abbas (AS) and in the basement of the original grave of Imam Hussain (AS). Dawood has also been blessed with the honor of holding the first jashan/milad and reciting at the closest point to Imam Ali (AS)’s grave on Eid e Ghadeer, and holding the first majlis and reciting at the new Tilla e Zainabiyya construction site.